Jeans buyback campaign in Vienna

We'll buy our jeans back from you! Anyone who returns a pair of TORLAND jeans will receive 10 euros in cash.

If you no longer wear a pair of TORLAND jeans, you can now return them to one of our stores - and get cash for it. No matter when the pants were bought, whether they were on sale or not, or what condition they are in, you will receive ten euros in cash when you return them. We want to set an example for the value of textiles: Jeans are and will remain an important raw material from which we make our upcycling products , and they are worth something to us.

Anyone can give vouchers for old clothes. But we at TORLAND are critical of this, as it only serves to boost sales of new clothes and customer loyalty. We are all about giving worn jeans a new life through upcycling, without trying to pressure our customers into buying new ones. We don't want to bind you to us through voucher systems, but through the quality we offer. It is also important to us to stress that the longer you wear your TORLAND jeans, the better it is for the environment. That is why we will of course continue to offer our repair service.

New upcycling products from old jeans

The returned TORLAND jeans are processed into bags, pillows, aprons and kitchen utensils in sewing workshops run by integrative associations in Vienna. These products are then available in TORLAND branches in Vienna and in our online shop . Unusable leftovers and offcuts are passed on to textile recyclers for recycling and the creation of new cotton fibers . The aim is that we do not produce any waste from the used goods, but that every fiber really finds a new function.

How do you get your 10 euros ? Simply bring your old TORLAND jeans to one of our stores next time and hand them in . You can also bring any other jeans, we are happy about every scrap of denim, but we can only pay for TORLAND jeans!