Old jeans find a new life with us - take part in our jeans collection campaign and #SlowdownFashion!

Our goal is to extend the life cycle of jeans and use resources wisely. We firmly believe that old jeans still have a lot of potential and should not simply be thrown away. By collecting old jeans, we want to make a positive contribution to reducing waste and promoting the circular economy.

In our campaign we collect all types of jeans, regardless of their brand or condition. Whether TORLAND jeans or models from other brands - everyone is welcome! You can hand in your old jeans in person at our stores in Vienna and give them a new life.

For our online customers, the direct return of old jeans is restricted , as shipping individual old jeans does not make sense for ecological reasons. Please do not simply send us your old jeans. Instead, we offer an environmentally friendly option: If you send a package back to us, you can enclose old jeans as part of your return shipment. We will gladly accept these gratefully and give them a new chance.

Important: Please label the enclosed old jeans!

To avoid any confusion with new goods during processing, we ask you to state the number of old jeans enclosed on the return form . This way we can ensure that the old jeans are recorded correctly and the processing runs smoothly.

We are not the only ones who collect old jeans to recycle the raw material. In Germany and Switzerland there are collection points run by other organizations: ·

By bringing your jeans to one of these collection points, you ensure that new recycled yarn can be obtained from them.

We carefully examine the old jeans you have collected. Depending on their condition, they are assigned to one of the following three processing steps:

1. Where possible, we repair the jeans and add them to our second-hand range. This way we revalue them and give them a second life.

2. We have the old and washed jeans made into new upcycling products, such as bags, cushions or aprons, in sewing workshops in Vienna.

3. We send the old jeans to a textile recycler who shreds the raw material and processes it into recycled cotton.

We are proud that in this way we conserve resources while promoting sustainable fashion.

Join our jeans collection campaign and be part of the change!